Birthday Danglies!!

A pair of gold DANGLY Anthropologie earrings.  I am usually a pretty plain girl, I never really venture into drop earrings, trendy necklaces, or fancy rings (except for my diamonds-moooahahahaha!).  My every day accessories include my wedding rings, a pair of stud earrings and maybe a silver necklace that I barely ever switch up.  So I am breaking out of this mold, with very small baby steps and jumping in so check out what I bought! 

Anthropologie Maritime Danglers, I love em'.

I don't usually wear gold but as you can see with my new necklace purchase that I showed you on Monday, I have decided to try a few new things. So far I am very pleased with my new look that is helping me to start this new, very FABULOUS decade!

What kind of accessories to you gravitate towards,?  Trendy?  Classic?  Nothing at all?

See you swoon,
PS ... Shanna's upholstered coffee table was just featured on one of our favorite sites: Ikea Hackers!  Check it out here - yay!

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  1. They are very cute! I heart my gold dangly earrings and love when I get a chance to wear them.