Everyone needs a dress to turn 30 in don't you think?

It's true.  And this is exactly what I bought.  The necklace I talked about on Monday actually looks fantastic with the creamy, ivory lace so when I go out I am wearing these together....now for some shoes which I have yet to find.  I was a little worried when this dress arrived, there was some concern about the length being too short and not quite age appropriate (I know I am not 80 but I am not 19 either so length is an issue for me) but to my surprise it was perfect and hugged me in all the right places.  I am sure all the ladies reading this can attest to how amazing a dress can make you feel when it fits exactly how you had hoped (it is not every day that this happens).  This dress is it for me.

Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Lace Dress:

When I have an occasion to wear this to I will take some pictures to show you what everything looks like together, oh and the shoes I end up wearing as well!  What I want to know is if any of you splurged or treated yourself to something special when you hit 30, and for those of you who have not yet entered this decade, any fun purchases on the horizon?  I highly recommend it :)

See you swoon,

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  1. I bought the same dress the other day for an upcoming wedding. Like you was pleasantly surprised at how well it fitted. I'm struggling to decided what shoes to wear with it though so would be interested it knowing what you wore with it - Lauren