Shanna & I just cannot keep ourselves out of Pottery Barn

Yes.  We went to Pottery Barn again.  In my defense though I did have a substantial merchandise credit to use so it was like free money and Shanna showed serious restraint.  I was so lucky to have someone buy me the beautiful Holman shelves for my wedding shower (a couple years back) and they still carry these as a staple so I got full price on my store credit, yay!  I couldn't wait to get a house and use these but alas the shelves stuck out a tad too far so I struggled to find a spot where they weren't obtrusive.  I came to the conclusion that I had to take them back and get something I could use now that I have my house and have a clear idea of how I want to decorate.

Shanna and I have decided that instead of wedding showers you should wait until you have a house (or a place where you know you will be staying for some time) so that when you do go to register you know exactly what you want (I guess kind of like a house warming but not many people actually register for a house warming)!  I mean I could blow up Pottery Barn with a scanner gun with everything I want right now!

This is what I registered for: Pottery Barn Holman Ledges in espresso, I am so sorry I had to let you go!

Even though I am sad about letting the shelves go I came out of the store with these!!

Chelsea Floor Lamp:

Alessandra Floral Pillow in gold:

Jute braid pillow in Ivory:

And here is an update on my front sitting room.  It's really starting to come together and feel like home!  I know my house is slowly turning into the Pottery Barn store but I have to say that I am OK with long as I don't always pay the Pottery Barn price tag!

Oh and that little side table?  Home Goods baby, it was not exactly the price I wanted but I loved the chunky, dark wood so this guy came home with me and is here to stay.

Does your home have a style that matches a particular store or a mix of stores?  I want to know what style trends you use in your home.

See you swoon,

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  1. Your room looks so pretty!! I would not mind if my house was looking like the Pottery Barn catalog!!!!