This rug fits MUCH better

Well by now you know Shanna and I made an insane trip to the Pottery Barn outlet to check out a sale that we had been notified about through email.  We usually have fantastic luck with rugs and that is exactly what I was looking for to replace the striped country style kitchen rug that my husband and I bought on a whim.  Funny how a lot of the things you buy when you first move into your home end up getting replaced.  Looking at this purchase I wonder what I was thinking because it does not match our style whatsoever.  The new one is perfect.

This was the striped rug in the kitchen before:

As you can see this is not meshing well with our light, airy, soothing color theme that we have going on now, here is a recap of the kitchen that I just painted next to the dining room curtains:

And here is my lovely new Pottery Barn jute runner, I tried to find it on their website but I guess it is discontinued at this point:

Love the subtle stripes!

So much better right?  Wait until you see what Shanna and I have in store for those cabinets...

See you swoon,


  1. That's perfect! How do you like having a rug in your kitchen? I've never had one, but have been debating trying it out.

  2. Looks great! You just cannot go wrong with a classic jute runner. Fantastic!

  3. I absolutely love having a rug in the kitchen, I know you can run into spills and such but it gives it a cozy feel that can sometimes be hard to get in a kitchen with all hard surfaces. So I say go for it, and the jute...AMAZING!