I bought some things-eek!

I have been trying to be good lately and really just focus on buying things for the house but I have to confess, this year kicks off my 30's so I figured why not indulge just a little :)  Shanna introduced me to EmersonMade probably at the same time most of you saw her (unless you knew of her before and in that case, LUCKY!) in the blog post about seersucker which you can see here.

I have yet to splurge on this dress that I have been swooning over although I am so close to pulling the trigger, however, while pining over those beautiful threads I did come across something beautiful and meaningful at the same time.  This necklace is a piece that I want to carry around with me to remember how fantastic life is and that even though every day is not a dream come true, we are always moving towards better things and this is exactly what this necklace means.  Thank you EmersonMade for touching my heart :)

Here is that gorg seersucker dress again, fuzzy heart LOVE, god I want that dress!

I know in the title I said I bought things (plural) so you will just have to wait until Wednesday to see the next item, I know the suspense is going to kill you!

See you swoon,

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