My brand new chandelier!!

OK, well it is not new, it is actually the same chandelier the previous owners had hanging in the dining room when we bought the place but it had a little makeover this weekend.  I got the idea from The Lettered Cottage and literally copied it.  I was not a fan at all of a chandelier with shades especially since the shades on our chandelier were a yellowish color and just clashed with everything so I took them off almost immediately after moving in.  The problem with that?  The bulbs just standing out there naked were really tough on the eyes and totally in your face so I knew I either had to get a new chandelier or jazz this one up.  I went with the latter :)

So this was the chandelier after I removed the shades, I scoured my files for a picture with the yellow shades but it does not exist, sorry about that but just try to imagine it here:

It just felt like something was off or missing so when I saw Layla's Pottery Barn knock-off chandelier I knewI had to try this project.  The best part was she listed out where she got the jute trim, the shades and the chandelier itself (which may be my next purchase, I love the clean lines), you can see where she bought everything in the link at the top.  

I couldn't believe how easy this project was, once I had everything and my new glue gun it took me about 30 minutes to finish five shades, easy breezy and what a transformation!  The jute trim goes so well with my dining room and the new pillows I just bought for the front room that you will see later this week.

This is what I did, #1:    Get your jute, the shade..and glue gun, you must have a glue gun.

#2: I just put glue all around the shade, wrapped the jute and pressed to make sure the glue held.  I glued in sections to make sure it did not dry to fast.  When you trim the jute at the end you may have to trim some loose ends but they blend right in.  I also made sure my jute seams were on the lamp seams so everything lined up.

So this was it, I mean two steps and then you have this!

I also switched out the frosted bulbs for clear and now I have a fun little design on my celing, not to mention the shades sit much straighter without the fancy tip at the end of the bulb.  I am officially in love. 

Has anyone created a knock-off masterpiece?  Share it with us, we want to show the world so we can all enjoy designer styles on a dime. 

Before I go, I wanted to send a quick shout out to all of our guest bloggers, thank you all so much for joining us last week!  We loved having you over!!

See you swoon,


  1. I love it!! Love the that the jute gives it a coastal flair!! I did a little makeover on an existing light fixture in my dining room too!! Oh an I sooo enjoyed hanging out here last week!! :)

  2. Hello ladies! I am so glad you like it, I could not believe how easy it was! Noelle, it really is amazing what a simple update can do for an entire room isn't it!? We enjoyed having you here with us last week, hopefully we can do this again soon!