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A couple of weeks ago I was running around my neighborhood, I heard you all gasp!  For those of you who know me, running is not one of my favorite past times but I figured 30 is coming fast so it is time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  OK, anyway, back to running in the neighborhood, I noticed how much beauty was right here in my very own backyard.

Each house is unique and has something that makes it truly beautiful.  I found one house with shutters that were weathered with rusted hardware and it instantly reminded me of this rustic buffet that I had wanted for Home Goods for my dining room buffet.  Some houses have intricate scalloping and large wrap around porches filled with large rockers and porch swings.  I decided to bring all this beauty to you so as I ran I stopped every so often to take pictures of some of my favorites so far (I have a certain route right now so when I change that up I will show you any others that I find).

Welcome to Ambler, PA:

This house reminds me of a beach house, the beach house I would love to have right next to the ocean.  I don't normally get excited about awnings but these look so nice with this porch and the size of the house.

Again more awnings but this house I stopped at mostly because of the front garden, porch, and front door.  A little like a beach house but all of the colors are put together so beautifully here that I wanted to share this one with you.

I am obsessed with this front door.  The dark color grounds all the other light colors and the glass must be super clean because I am drawn to how shiny those windows and sidelights are!

This home is newer construction but I really enjoy the different layers to the front.  Most new construction doesn't attract me but the calming neutral color and architectural elements seem to draw me in.

This front door must look familiar!  I have contemplated painting my front door this dark navy or black (I have yet to decide what color this door really is) after spotting this door.  This entire house is cute as a button with the pretty pink flowers, perfectly manicured front walk way, and that perfectly sized tree to the right.  LOVE.

Loving this front porch and flowers :)

This yard reminds me of a movie I just watched set in Italy.  I feel like I could be sitting in this yard overlooking a winery sipping a nice glass of wine as the sun sets.  Of course, I had to share so I could take all of you to la-la land with me!

Tell me about your home, do you live in a newer development or an older community?  What things do you love most about your home and neighborhood?  If you have something to share and would like us to feature your house, send us your information and some pictures of your favorite details!

See you swoon,

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