Slice of Life: The Koi Fish Pond

You may remember from my house tour and the post about my blooming cherry tree that I have a pond in my back yard that is home to about 15 or so koi goldfish.  When my husband and I originally looked at buying our house we wanted nothing to do with taking care of a pond so the idea was to fill it in and just have grass. 

After moving in we became strangely attached to these little guys and the cool, soothing sound of the waterfall that led into the main part of the pond.  You may wonder where I am going with this, you can only talk about fish for so long, right?  Even though this is my slice of life post where you get a glimpse here and there into my life, I am going to use it to ask for some help. 

You all now know that I want my fish to be happy and the pond is staying indefinitely but what no one ever taught us was how to take care of it.  Kelly and I feed them and take the temperature (I am not sure why except for feeding purposes but it seems like something we should do), but the water is BROWN and I mean cannot see through it murky, brown!  You heard me, the crystal clear water we once had back in October is long gone and I am not sure how we can get it back!!

Here are a few pictures so any experts reading this know what we are dealing with :)

So, to all of our loyal readers and fish/pond fanatics, any thoughts on how to make our pond the prettiest it can be?  My 15 little swim babies and I are hoping to hear from you!

See you swoon,


  1. It's probably algae of some sort. Funny, too, because MaryEllen was asking how the water was and I said I didn't know. I know she's having an algae issue at her new koi pond right now (must be the time of year, humidity, etc.). Maybe email or call her to see what she'd recommend?

  2. I love your Koi pond story! I keep koi in the large pond I have in my back yard. They are awesome. I also build koi ponds for people, so I am a little obsessed with koi ponds and water gardens.

  3. Koi goldfish are amazing, we've got 6 and children love them especially feed time - thanks for posting

  4. You are totally living my dream of having koi fish in my backyard. I am so jealous and would love to see more pics of them.