Pottery Barn Barstool Knockoff: Simple Fix

Hump day, YAHOOOOO!  Almost there, hang in there.  Last week I showed you the amazing PB knockoff barstools that I found at the Christmas Tree Shop when Shanna and I made a stop at our local (1 hour away) outlets.  Here is a shot of the before barstool, LOVE the style and you can see the PB comparison here.

Not really digging the cherry seat so the plan form the start was to paint them black to match the rest of the chair.  A quick simple fix that was done with some black spray paint and matte polycrilic that I brushed on with a bristle brush.  At first I used glass spray paint but you can see how it left a blotchy finish which I was not happy with at all. 

So I lightly sanded the top and gave it a fresh coat of black to start over.  The polycrilic with the brush was the magic ticket!  Here is the after:

L.O.V.E.  Exactly what I wanted.  Have you made any quick and easy updates to your home that made such a huge satisfying difference?  You know we want to her all about it!

See you swoon,

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  1. It looks great! I would love to see a pic of them parked at your bar :)