A picture wall in the works

The time has come after nine months of living in our new home to add some pictures to the walls.  I have yet to jump into this project but I am incredibly anxious to get started.  The more I look around my home and read other blogs and websites, the more I realize my style liens towards a coastal vibe.  You may not be able to tell yet since my house is still a bit empty but I love the light blues, creams and tans coupled with pickled, distressed and white washed woods.  In part I am glad it has taken me this long to figure out what style I am so that I did not fill my home with items and waste money on things I would want to replace in six months.

The picture wall will go up the stairs, right now I have a completely blank or rice grain slate.  At the bottom of the stairs I plan to put a tall mirror either in a very light blue distressed frame or whitewash the wood.  The picture frames I want to be light in color, probably white and also have a distresses look to them.  That I think will be the easy part.  The design is what has me hung up, that and what pictures to choose!

Here is a reminder of my staircase:

I love what Young House Love did in their hallway and I am really enjoying the white frames they used to keep the colors light and bright.

I also found a few ideas on the web that caught my attention:

I won't frame dead butterflies but I like this design!

This is a blueprint that may just do the trick!  This is my favorite design so far.

Have any of you done a picture wall up the stairs or in a completely different location?  Do you like them or feel like they have gone out of style?  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them and say tuned for progress pictures!

Have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,


  1. I love picture walls, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. I think white frames would look great against the rice grain walls and your staircase.

  2. I can't wait to see the final product! I love the blueprint you're going to use!

  3. I don't think picture walls can ever got out of style - they are just particularly trendy now! I love the blueprint you've drawn up and I'm sure it will look gorgeous. I wish I had enough wall space to try one in my place.

  4. You have the perfect canvas for a gallery and your inspiration images are great. Will stay tuned.

  5. Hi All! Thanks for your input, I am going for the picture wall and I am so glad to hear everyone still loves them. I think the blueprint is the design I am going with so I will be sure to post lots of pictures when I am done!

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