An Adirondack Update

Another week, another project and I say that with so much joy.  I have had a little lull in my projects so it feels great to be back on the train again!  We had the pleasure of record breaking heat this weekend as most of you did I am sure.  What did Shanna and I decide to do?  Paint.  Yup we decided to stand outside and paint chairs.    The best part about the heat was that the chairs dried super quick so we finished these bad boys in about an hour, minus the second trip to Home Depot for more paint (we grossly underestimated how much we would need).

So you remember our Home Depot Adirondack chairs

This is what they looked like on my porch before they were painted but after the super easy assembly.

Shanna and I decided to try our hand at spray painting.  I have never spray painted furniture and the thought of taking a brush to all these nooks and crannies was not even the least bit appealing so we stocked up on spray paint.  We started with primer which was soaked up immediately even with the Rust-Oleum 2x the coverage can!

After primer:

This is Shanna's can, she went with the Rust-Oleum Professional which I switched to after our second run to the hardware store. 

This handy dandy tool is a must if you are spray painting anything longer than 10 seconds.  I compared the handle vs. my finger and it was like night and day, the spray handle was amazing and gave us more control which led to better coverage.

After the primer was on and the first coat of white we were really pleased with the progress.  We did have the minor bump of needing more paint but other than that it was a really fun project!  Here are some afters while they were drying and a couple on my porch.  Please ignore the black sheep that is the third chair (I couldn't fit that one in the car so that one will be done next weekend).  You will see the third guy join his siblings in white paint bliss when I show you some updates after a few accessory purchases are made :)

What do you think?  I am so excited to get some slim metal tables and paint them a pale yellow with some fun pale yellow printed pillows for the chairs.  As always, stay tuned and have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,

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  1. They look beautiful! I feel sorry for the unfinished one. He's like the Sesame Street song "One of these kids is doing their own thing, come on can you tell which one." I can't wait to see it with tables and pillows! You should check out the Etsy store I blogged about last week - she has lots of yellow and white indoor/outdoor fabric! and inexpensive too :)