Another day in the life of my Anthropolo​gie wish list

I know we are in the middle of summer and I should really be thinking about shopping for my fall wardrobe but I have always been more of a summer girl so shopping for summer clothing has always been so much more fun for me, too bad this season is so short here in PA (now if summer were as long as winter I would be set!).

You know I cannot get enough of my favorite store Anthropologie and I am always updating my wish list with items I would just die to have.  I will tell you one of the most upsetting things is when pieces I have added are out of stock and never come back but I guess that is what happens when you wait to long hoping for a sale and them BAM, wouldn't you know it, everyone else in the universe was doing the same thing I just happened to be a lot slower to pull the trigger.  You snooze you lose.

 I have once again beefed up my list and wanted to share it with you now, maybe you can draw some inspiration from it to round out your summer wardrobe for 2011 or get some sweet deals on items you can wear next year (unless every year over the long winter months your closet eats all your clothes like mine does, then you may just want to buy things for instant gratification rather than waiting for next year).

 Here we go, hold on to your hats people!

Dresses first, this would be the perfect dress to turn 30 it don’t you think?

Shapeshifter Maxi

Anthro Umbra Maxi

Equinox Stripe Maxi

Collecting Dots Dress

Counting Angles Dress

Eastern Sierra Chemise.  Chemise I know but doesn't it look like you could totally wear this as a dress!?

Now for some tops:

Anthro Ballet Tank

Anthro Drapey Bubbled
Anthro Kissimmee Top
Leaf Filigree Top

So needless to say my bank account is in serious DANGER right now.  Anyone shopping this weekend?  Have fun and happy Friday!!

See you swoon,

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