Swoon-Worthy Site: Anthropologie Home

Today I bring to you some of my favorite Anthropologie tabeltop and serving items that I would love to grace my table with on any given day, you do not need to have a party to break these out of the cabinet.  With the bright colors and fun designs you will want to use them every chance you get.  As I get closer and closer to owning my own home I will be bringing to you more and more household items that strike my fancy so that we can all enjoy them together.  I must assure you all that I will still be shopping online so my What Would Jamie Wear topics will be making an appearance again very soon, you didn't actually think I could give up that vice did you?!

I love that even though anyone can walk into the store and buy the same home decor you always feel like what you are buying has an original one of a kind feel to it.  What are some of your favorite places to shop for your home decor?
See you swoon,

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