To Be Heard or Not To Be Heard?

A friend of mine just recently got married and one of the issues she was having with ceremony was that the priest insisted on her wearing a microphone during the vows and entire ceremony so everyone could here what was going on.  Although as a guest it is nice to hear what is going on, in my opinion, and speaking from experience, the vows do not need to be heard by everyone in the audience.  I agree it is special to hear the bride and groom sharing these special words that they will more than likely say once to each other but when it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is that they are heard by the bride and groom.
So since I could not make this special occassion I have yet to find out whether she broke down and wore the microphone which she had been completely opposed to or if she put her foot down and decided that she did not mind if she and her groom were the only pair that heard the vows.
What do you think about this?  Would you be the type to go for the amplified sound or would you keep quiet?
See you swoon,

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