Coworkers at Wedding - Yay or Nay?

Deciding on whether to invite your co-workers to your wedding can be a very tough decision. You want to be sure not to offend anyone that you have to see every day but you also have think about your wallet too!  Of course everyone has a different situation and relationship with their colleagues so this is not completely black and white but I can at least share my opinion with you.
Speaking from personal experience, I did not invite any of my co-workers to my wedding, not because I was not close with some of them but because I did not want there to be any hard feelings from those who I was not close with but had to work closely with every day.  So to avoid an conflict I decided that going with none or all was for me, and non it was.  Co-workers should understand this, unless of course some of your co- workers are your best friends.
The other thing I took into consideration was whether I wanted to spend some of my precious wedding budget on inviting people I was not close with and look back on pictures of people I would probably not have in my life for the long term.  I would have loved to invite a couple friends from my former job `since I do still talk to a couple of them but looking back on it now I know I made the best decision for my situation.
So what are your thoughts?  Have you invited work friends to your wedding or are you thinking about it now?
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