What Would Jamie Wear: Skinny Cords

You may already be seeing skinny cords as part of the trend this fall, they were around last year but I am seeing more and more of them this year.  I own a pair of black skinny cords and I love them so much I wore them through the entire summer even though this material is really meant for cooler climates.  The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and works great in my business casual environment with a pretty top and can be versatile enough to wear for an evening out.  These are my go to pants and we all know how rare it is to find a piece of clothing for our wardrobe that makes us feel sexy and comfortable at the same time...while still being appropriate.
The possibilities are really endless on how you can wear skinny cords, I have worn my cords in the office with heels or a nice pair of wedges, I have worn them with my boots in the winter, and I have thrown them on with a comfy top and sandals just for running around town.  These pants will not disappoint, if you get a pair with enough stretch you will find and excuse to wear them every chance you get.   
Check these out:
{Forever 21:Screen Chiffon Blouse}
{Old Navy: Skinny Cords}
{Anthropologie: Wishbone Wedges}
Or how about this?
{Gap:Long Sleeve Timeless Tee}
{Anthropologie: Punch Card Belt}
{Old Navy: Skinny Cords}
{Anthropologie: Martingale Boots}
I am pretty sure I need both of these outifts!  So what do you think?  Can you see yourself adding skinny cords to your wardrobe this year?
See you swoon,

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