Stamp It and Make It Your Own

I have missed you all so much!  I recently had a computer melt down in my house which was more like a mental meltdown for me without having any access to the internet for the past couple of weeks but I am back, thank goodness!!    So now that I am back online I can get back to bringing you my weekly thoughts and What Would Jamie Wear posts (I have no idea how you all have lived without these for so long).
Wedding logos are something I am very familiar with having used my own signature design for my wedding paper products with the help from Shanna of course.  Logos can be a great way to tie all of your wedding related items together and make a mark that is unique to your day.  The great thing about a logo is that you can initially send the entire logo on the invitation (see the first one below) and then use just the picture on other items such as the programs, menu cards, place cards etc. if you decide not to plaster your names all over everything.  Check out some of these and see what you think.

This is a great example of using your monogram logo for table numbers.

This picture below is also shows you the full logo but you could always take the seashell and place that on your programs and menu cards to tie everything together.

If you have any ideas for personlizing and event please send yoru ideas our way, we would love to hear them.
See you swoon,

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