Eco-Chic: Sustainable Placecards & Favors

I happen to love consumable or sustainable favors: whether it's candy, something to plant or no favor at all, I really appreciate it when a bride and groom keep the planet in mind when deciding their favors.  Here are some of my favorite suggestions for favors on the greener side.

*Seedlings, Herbs & Bulbs*

I love walking home with a new plant to add to the yard (which I promptly hand over to my husband because my thumb is more black than green).  I also love the sentiment that the couple's love keeps blooming in their guests homes.  There are so many choices for plantable favors: tree seedlings, favorite herbs (most of which have meanings perfect for a wedding), and bulbs of lovely flowers.

*Plantable Place-cards*

These plantable place-cards are just the sweetest idea.  Paper with seeds in it: simply plant them in the ground, water and flowers will grow.  Love this idea to give back to the Earth instead of tossing another piece of wedding-related paper in the trash.


Finally, sometimes the best favor is no favor at all.  I, personally, applaud brides and grooms who eschew favors altogether and instead make a donation to their favorite charity in honor of their guests.  This is a total win-win: eliminates all waste and the money goes to a great cause.  Sure, it may conjure up visions of George's "Human Fund" on Seinfeld, but I think most guests are willing to trust that the bride and groom donated to a real charity.

There you have it! A handful of my favorite Earth-friendly favors.  What do you think? What favors do you favor?

See you swoon,

{images courtesy of Martha Stewart, Beau-Coup, Plant a Favor}

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