Swoon-Worthy Pros: Eric & Kass Mencher, Eric Mencher Photography

One piece of advice that I give to brides is to make the photographer a top priority.  At the end of the day, aside from your husband and your wedding ring, those photos are the only tangible things you will have from your wedding.  In all likelihood, you will gaze upon at least one (but probably more) of your wedding pictures every single day.  A good photographer can make a decent venue look amazing, pretty flowers look lush & gorgeous, and most of all, will make you look like the most beautiful bride possible.  Because you are trusting your memories to this person and because you will spend your entire wedding day with him or her, it is really important that you like your photographer.  If you get the sense the photographer is bossy, impatient or rude, it's probably best to pass and find someone whose art and "bedside manner" you like in equal measure.

Why the long lead-in for this post? Because Eric and Kass Mencher (check out Eric's website here and Eric and Kass's wedding blog here) are pretty darn amazing photographers and super cool people to boot.  Jamie and I have worked with them twice: once as professionals when they photographed and we coordinated/styled Colleen's wedding, and a second time as clients when they kindly agreed to take our headshot photos for this website.  Eric and Kass are true artists, and they are actually photojournalists, too.  One thing I like and admire about them is that weddings are just one piece of the work that they do.  They travel around the globe to immerse themselves in the cultures of different places and photograph what they see there.  Looking at Eric and Kass's pictures is like looking at something completely anew: they somehow manage to capture things that most people do not see.  They're gifted, and their work speaks for itself.

Here is a sampling of the photos that they took of Colleen's wedding and of us.  Check out their website & blog - we guarantee you'll be blown away by what you see.

See you swoon,

{Eric & Kass Mencher have not paid or otherwise comped us for singing their praises.  We just happen to think they're among the best of the best wedding photographers in the Philadelphia-area. And of course, all photos courtesy of Eric & Kass Mencher}

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