Tutorial: DIY Wheatgrass Centerpieces

Wheatgrass can be used for so many things, it recently took over a year of my life as I planned to use it in every element of my wedding.  It just so happens it is one of the easiest things to grow and gives such a fun and natural feel to any decor whether it is at a party or in your home.  You can use smaller pots like the picture below as favors for guests or as centerpieces lined up down a long table to keep the look modern and clean.

So the basics to making this lovely little pot of grass goes something like this:

1. Fill your pot about 3/4 of the way with potting soil.  Make sure you do not the fill pot too high because the grass pushes on the soil.

2.  Spread your seeds on top of the soil and then lightly cover the seeds with a little extra soil, just enough to cover them up.

3.  Make sure to keep the soil moist but not soaking wet and in about 4-7 days you will have beautiful green grass.  For all you cat lovers (like me) they will be thrilled to have a nice green plant that is healthy for them to snack on!  Eventually you will need to replant these seeds, as this is not the type of plant that can live for months or years but it grows so fast it will take no time to make new arrangements.

What type of earth friendly decor have you used in your home or for an event?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and if you have pictures to share I would love to see those too!

See you swoon,

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