Eco-Chic: Green is the New Black

One morning this past Fall, I was having a terrific morning commute: I had nabbed a seat on the train, the train was actually on time, and I had just cracked open my brand spanking new copy of Vogue.  I read the Letter from the Editor (I am strangely fascinated by Anna Wintour), flipped through the ads and then stopped at a one-page feature on the new trend in nail polish: the color green.  I was surprised - green? Really? These were dark jade green colors and the feature predicted the trend would surely catch on.  I am not sure that it did, but it made me think of the black nail polish trend a few years back that Chanel started with its "Vamp" color.  At first, black nail polish seemed so bizarre and yet it caught on and is still popular today.  I wondered whether that beautiful jade green would have the staying power as black.

It occurred to me that the same can be said for "green" as being eco-conscious, and I wonder whether "going green" is going to be a quick trend or whether it is here to stay.  Jamie and I hope and think that it will be the latter, and we are committed to being as "green" as we can, in our personal lives and in our business.

We will post about easy ways to be eco-chic:  from using (and making) natural home and beauty products, to suggesting creative ways you can reduce-reuse-recycle, we hope to show you that going green is easy, is inexpensive and simply put, is the right thing to do.

Drop us a line if you have questions on how you can be eco-chic or how you can incorporate a more sustainable approach to your next event.

See you swoon,

{photo used with permission from Etsy seller "CharmedByKaren," who sells some of the cutest charms - I especially like her Celtic knot charms -- check her out!  I should mention that we haven't been paid or otherwise comped by "CharmedByKaren" for mentioning her or her jewelry.  We really like her stuff and she was kind enough to let us use her picture.}


  1. It's good to be green, and green is also good. I was married 3 years ago the 19th of this month and my dress was a gorgeous dark mossy green silk charmeuse. As far as being green as a a business sometimes it's hard. I recycle everything I can and re-use bubble wrap (it's even in my shop policies announcement (if someone request new bubble wrap I'll use it, but otherwise it should be taken for granted that I re-use all packaging that I can). I also have a friend who I give all of my used bubble mailers to and he re-uses them. I feel like it's the very least I can do and continue to think of ways to do more. It's obviously not an event, but do you have any suggestions as to how jewelry designers can be more Earth-conscious in the running of our businesses?

    As for Charmed by Karen, I couldn't agree with you more. She has the prettiest, highest quality charms I've ever seen, and what's even cooler is that now she will make any charm into a necklace. I thought that was a great move when I saw it.

  2. Hi Tina! Thanks for commenting on our blog. Happy early anniversary! Um, can you send us pictures of his mossy green silk dress? Sounds lovely! As for your question, it sounds like you are being very earth-conscious in your business practices, especially reusing all the packaging you can. If you can find packaging for your products that have a high degree of post-consumer recycled content, even better. That you go out of your way to reduce waste is huge in itself!

  3. Tina,

    Your dress is beautiful! I love the color. Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Thank you, Shanna. Very kind of you to say. I love luxurious green. Going to look into your suggestion re: post-consumer recycled content. Much appreciated.