Surprise Showers, yay or nay?

Surprise parties are one of my favorite things in life, surprises in general are just so much me at least. Now I realize that surprises are not for everyone and can be difficult to pull off so it is best that you make sure that the guest of honor is OK with not being totally prepared for an event that involves most of their family and friends attending.

A good idea is to make sure that the day of, the party is planned around something that requires the guest of honor to look nice and avoid having them show up in their favorite sweats or deciding not to shower that day (this is a sure fire way to make someone dislike surprises and feel uncomfortable). Due to recent experience, a party may not always end up being a surprise, but the thought that is put into the event and the fact that the guest of honor could sit back and relax is a huge gift in itself and will mean more to them than you could ever imagine.

So if the person you are throwing the party is up for a surprise I say go for it and make sure you have a camera ready to capture the moment!

Let us know about your experiences with surprise events and if you think they are a good idea or not.

See you swoon,

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