Maid of Honor Speeches, yay or nay?

Such a funny yay or nay to be writing about especially considering I will be doing one of these in about two and a half weeks. These days MOH speeches are becoming more and more common and I for one am all about them. This can be a moment that is caught on camera and will be heard by the bride and grooms nearest and dearest so make sure that you know your audience if you decide to take the humor route. I plan to make my speech short and sweet, extend my congratulations to the happy couple and let the festivities continue. Speaking in public is not one of my strengths but this day is not about me and I know how important it is to show my best friend how happy and proud I am of her.

For all of you out there that are giving MOH speeches or have in the past what do you think, do you like them or not? What were some of the moments you remember most?

See you swoon,

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  1. Hi Shanna and Jamie!

    LOVE the blog!! Keep up the great work and awesome suggestions! I am strongly in favor of MOH speeches. My sister was my MOH and gave such a heartfelt, warm, funny speech that showed how happy she was for me, how much she loved me, and how well she knew me. It was definitely a highlight of my wedding, and a lot of my guests loved it and talked about it as well. I never understood why Best Man speeches were the norm, but not MOH speeches. I think the #1 friend/relative/etc should speak on behalf of both the bride and groom! I am not comfortable speaking either, but was a bit hurt when as a MOH, I wasn't asked to deliver a speech. Ladies, keep those MOH speeches coming!