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One of the things I love most about weddings is how different each one is from the next.  I have been to well over 50 weddings (seriously: I counted) and every single one was completely unique.  It is so fun to see how a bride and groom infuse the day with their personalities and their own style.

I think the same is true for homes.  I live in a neighborhood where all of the houses are the same: all were built in 1942, all are brick colonials, all have the same exact footprint.  Yet, the interiors are so very different.  I love to see how my neighbors style up their homes - from the super modern, to the country-quaint, from the breezy cottage (mine!) to a cool eclectic mix.  Each interior tells a story of who that home's occupants are, what they like, and what their style is.

We looooooove home decor here at Swoon.   And we think our clients and readers (hi!) do, too.  Afterall, most, if not all, of you are either starting out (registering for a wedding), starting over (life changes) or starting fresh (moving or redecorating).  We infuse the same DIY spirit that we use when styling events into the home arena too: we love a good project, and we have creative ideas to make totally swoon-worthy before & afters in your (and our) own home, whether you rent or own.

So, what is your current home decorating conundrum? Let us know if you need help or guidance on a project or two. We'd love to blog about it!

See you swoon,

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  1. I just want to say that Shanna has been such a HUGE help with my home re-decorating. I am in the process of doing my bedroom and quite a tight budget, and Shanna has given some awesome advice, including accompanying me at Ikea to help me pick out a mirror and accessories. Now that I know she's so great at it, I will be picking her brain frequently :)
    Love you Shanna!