What I Wore {post 44}: Style Me May Challenge [week 3]

I love love love this Style Me May challenge!  It's almost like having a coach, which I love having for Ironman training because it takes all thought out of what to do: someone tells me what to do, and I do it.  This is very similar. I look at what's scheduled for each day and then just figure out what I'm wearing.  I blogged about week 1 and week 2 already.    

Week 3 of the challenge was a little tricky because some of the challenges didn't really work with my work schedule.  So I moved things around a bit.  Plus, I'll be honest: I really wanted an excuse to wear my Nantucket Red skirt and the "Nantucket Prep" challenge was scheduled for a weekend day.  

Here's the challenge:

May 12: Brights & Stripes

This one was easy: I wore an outfit that I put together last Summer: a striped bateau neckline top that I bought at Bloomingdales a really long time ago, a mustard yellow pencil skirt from Piperlime (I think I bought it last year), and my turquoise bubble necklace.  This skirt is pretty much my equivalent to my bathroom scale (which I rarely get on).  If I can fit into it, I know I'm good to go weight-wise.  Someone photo-bombed me too.

May 13:  {Owned For} The Last 5 Years

A lot of my wardrobe could fit into this category!  It was hot this day, I had done a run, and I had a busy day at work ahead, so I kept it really simple.  The shirt is from Banana Republic in 2001 - I remember buying this before I started working at my firm after law school, and I wore it on Sept. 11, 2001.  I'll always remember it for that reason.  I wore my navy pants from Banana Republic and some flats.

May 14:  Nantucket Prep [instead of Wild Thing]

I moved things around here.  My Nantucket Red skirt seemed perfect for Wednesday (I couldn't wear Thursday because I had a client meeting and Friday is jeans day at work, so I didn't want to wear then).  I paired my Nantucket Red skirt with a turquoise chambray buttondown from Banana.  I wore my metallic boat shoes (a steal at $15 from LL Bean on clearance -- I guess not many people wanted metallic boat shoes, but this girl sure did!).

May 15:  Wild Thing [instead of Makesmewantto Dancegram]

This could also fit into the "owned for the last 5 years" category.  The skirt is from the Summer of 2000 - I bought it while I was a summer associate at my firm at the j.crew store in the Shops at Liberty Place in Philly.  I've had it tailored since then and love it.  I had to meet a client and it was way too hot to wear a suit, so I wore this with my fitted white buttondown from Banana Republic from 2010.  I really love this shirt.  

May 16: Pop of Pink

This picture is a little crazy because I took it at the end of the day: I had a morning swim, so I got ready at the YMCA.  It was insanely rainy, so my hair got all frizzy and wavy and pretty horrible looking.  Anyway ... I wore my bootcut jeans with gold flats and a bright coral top and sweater.  

Fun fun fun.  Just a couple more weeks left!  Which means June is around the corner! Oh no.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

See you swoon,


  1. I love the dress in the first pic, the color is perfect and it looks great with your striped shirt. And you have a naughty girl! LOL.

  2. I like the yellow skirt you wear in the second post.