IMLP Training Recap: Week 25

I feel like I'm in a cycle of work out, recover, eat, sleep, repeat.  Oh and work my actual job.  Going forward it looks like I'm doing a long ride of at least 60 miles on a weekend day.  This is a little tricky with kid activities, but I will make it work. This past week was a case in point: Big had a baseball game at 11 am on Saturday. I was supposed to bike 80 miles.  I didn't have enough daylight to get it in before the game and I really didn't want to bike all afternoon.  So my coach agreed to let me get up crazy early (4 am) so I could bank 1.5 hours on the trainer and then just do 60 miles outside.  Ha - "just" 60 miles.  But that's how things are changing.  The bikes are key.

Week 25: 10:29:29 hours

Swam: 55:29 minutes (2,200 yards)
Biked:  7:23:31 hours (58 miles outside/ lots more on trainer)
Ran:  2:10:29 hours (14.2 miles)


Monday:  rest day
Tuesday:  swim with speed
Wednesday:  tempo bike & shake out run
Thursday:  long run
Friday:  easy bike
Saturday: long ride - 80 miles & short run
Sunday:  rest day

Monday was a great rest day. I was really wiped out after my Devilman race on Sunday.

Tuesday was a swim - I felt great in the pool!  I was like wow, I am all recovered from the race! I feel amazing!!

Wednesday I had a pretty easy bike - it was short ... maybe 40 minutes.  Then a shake out run for 3 miles.  That's when I felt the effects of the race on Sunday, believe it or not.  I was so tired after that run and a bit down about it.  But ... new day, new run.

Thursday was a long run - yay.  I had to run 8 miles with the 9 minutes of running/1 minute of walking (repeat) and I'm really starting to like it.  I had to run in the late afternoon before I picked up the kids.  I am really not a fan of afternoon running, but I realized that's when I'll be running at IMLP, so I need to get over it and get used to it.  The run was fabulous: I felt good, I felt strong, I felt fast and ... I discovered banana Hammer gel - it tastes AMAZING.  Like banana baby food, which I realize is not a selling point for most people, but my God, it was amazing and delicious and I was literally licking the gel packaging and did not want the gel to end.  It also worked really great.  Banana gel - yummy mc yum.

Friday - easy bike on the trainer.  It was fine, but it was hot.  Check out my beads of sweat.

Saturday was my long ride.  OY.  I got up at 4, had some breakfast and then got on my trainer at 4:30.  There is literally nothing on television at 4:30 am on a Saturday.  I played around on my iPad and caught up on blogs and Pinterest.  After an hour and a half on the trainer, I got off, then got the bike ready for outside riding.  And off I went.  I did a mix of roads and trails and for whatever reason, this ride sucked.  First, my head wasn't in it.  I knew I had a hard end time and I felt enormous pressure to get the bike done.  I put the pressure on myself - it's not like my son cares if I am 10 minutes late to his game.  But I also just felt heavy - my legs felt heavy, the bike felt heavy, everything felt heavy.  I need to take the bike to the bike shop to get the front wheel checked out (I noticed at Devilman that it's a little off).  Hopefully that will help.  Maybe I didn't pump my tires enough.  I checked the pressure ... but the ride had that familiar feeling of riding through slushy snow, which indicates to me the pressure isn't quite right.  In any event, I got the ride in.  I had just enough time to get off the bike and run to Big's game - wearing my biking outfit.  I just didn't have time for a shower.  I was covered in mud and blood (I cut my ankle on my pedal on a tricky corner).  After the ride I realized I should just stay stinky and filthy and get my run in.  So I did. I was tired and hungry, but I figured just get that sucker done. It wasn't a bad run at all.  Once the ride and run were done, I showered and proceeded to devour a very large cheeseburger and french fries.

I also realized that the sun was glorious but it also burned me. And because of the tan lines I got at the tri the weekend before (and because I wore different shorts for the tri and the ride), I had what looks like a candy corn sunburn on my leg.  See?

Hot.  I mean ... that's really hot.  And I should remember sunscreen next time.

Sunday was a rest day and I enjoyed every moment.  The kids and I spent Mother's Day together and we went to lunch and then to Valley Forge park, where we took a trolley tour of the sites.

Up this week - lots of biking, including an 80 miler on Saturday and a sprint triathlon on Sunday!  I was hoping to destroy the sprint race ... here's hoping I have the energy after the 80 miler the day before.  I realize, though, that at this point, the only thing that matters is the bike.  :/

See you swoon,

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