What I Wore {post 45}: Style Me May Challenge [week 4]

Ahhhh. Friday.  I love short weeks!  I'm still going strong with the Style Me May challenge! I've posted my week 1 looks, week 2 looks and week 3 looks.  Week 4 was pretty good too.

May 19: Trend That's Never Out

I wore two trends: stripes and a peplum top.  I think both are always "in" and always will be.  The top is from Loft around Christmas 2013 and the skirt is a find from Forever 21 last year.  

May 20:  All Black Like a Spy

Well, this was easy: I just wore a black dress.  I had a presentation at work, so I couldn't get too bold here.  I wore my black sheath dress from Banana Republic Factory and a fun long necklace from the J.crew outlet.  I wore leopard print flats with the outfit - I have to limit heels with all my training and I had a long run the next day.  

May 21:  Your Best Foot Forward

I so so so so so so so wanted to wear a beautiful pair of heels.  This was a shoe challenge!  But, alas, I had done a 15 mile run that morning and my legs were not having heels.  Instead, I wore my favorite yellow flats.  They're from NY & Co. from a few years ago and I love them.  I wore a printed NY & Co. top with a pair of pants from the Banana Republic Factory that cost about $11.  I had to have them tailored, but it was worth it.  

May 22:  Rebel With a Cause

Ok. I took some liberties with this one.  I am not a rebel.  I'm just not.  I don't own leather.  I don't (and can't) dress like a rebel.  That's just not a look I can pull off.  So I searched for the movie "Rebel Without A Cause" and took my cues from the women in that.  This picture in particular. 

I wore my pink fitted top with a pleated white skirt and belt.  Oh and gold ballet flats.  

May 23:  Blushing Beauty Red White & Blue

I have two blush colored shirts and they are long sleeved. It was hot this day so I nixed the "blushing beauty" challenge and used "red white and blue" instead, which was scheduled for Memorial Day Monday.  I wore an old old old Old Navy blue and white striped top, jeans and my red flats.  I was a yankee doodle dandy.  

Have a great weekend!  

See you swoon,

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