What I Wore {post 43}: Style Me May Challenge [week 2]

Hello and happy Friday!  My internet is still not working right.  Very annoying.  Not conducive to blogging or sanity.  I have discovered it's something with the Wi-Fi and my computer: they don't get along at all.  Yet, my iPad works fantastic at home.  And my computer works with the Wi-Fi at other places.  So for now, my workaround is to hook my laptop to the modem directly via ethernet cable.  It just got all 1995 up in this piece!

Anyway, I'm still having fun with the Style Me May challenge!  

Here are the week 2 outfits.

May 5: Colorful Cinco De Mayo

I went super colorful on this day.  I wore my coral pencil skirt from j.crew factory with a Vineyard Vines seaglass colored cotton top.  My persimmon bubble necklace matches the pencil skirt pretty well, so I added that.  I kept the shoes nice and neutral.  

May 6:  Pretty Little Layers

I love this top from Banana Republic - all the layers around the neck are really fun. It works great solo or, like I wore this day, layered with a sweater.  I wore my lightweight white cardigan from Gap and my pale pink pants with silver flats. 

May 7:  The Mane Event

Honestly, I was a little stumped on what to wear here.  I didn't really have anything horse related, so I went with an equestrian type theme and wore my brown riding boots.  I wore an army green wrap skirt from Target from a few years ago, a white wrap shirt from Banana Republic and a brown leather belt.  I wore my hair back in a ponytail, but that was because it's time for a haircut and it wasn't behaving. 

May 8:  White Out

This was easy enough, but I was terrified I'd spill something on myself.  Miraculously, that did not happen!  I wore my white pants from Gap with a Gap sheer top.  Nude heels.  Looking at this pic, I wish I'd thrown on a belt.  

May 9:  Borrowed From the Boys

I wore my boyfriend jeans with a blousey black top.  I thought the outfit was a little boring, so I wore my crystal bubble necklace.  The boyfriend jeans are from the Gap Outlet from a few years ago: I roll them up at the ankle.  They're also kind of annoying because they fit great for about an hour and then stretch and I am hiking them up all day.   

These style challenges are super fun!  This week (which I will share next week) has been a challenge and I've moved a few of them around based on my work schedule.  Stay tuned!

And have a great weekend!  I have a busy one: 80 mile bike ride tomorrow and then my third time racing the Upper Dublin Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.  I'm going to race my heart out.  The race plan is to just hammer the entire race hard the entire time.  With distances of 350 meters in the pool, 11 miles on the bike and a 5k, I can do that.  Last year I did it in 1:15.  I want to do it in 1:10 this year.  I'll be back next week with a race recap!

See you swoon,


  1. I really admire your courage and persistence to do that.

  2. I like the orange dress in the first pic, you look amazing in it.