IMLP Training Recap: Week 24

It's a little scary that we are in May and that week 24 is here -- 6 months in!  That is a lot of training.

Last week wasn't a bad one training-wise.  I had a rest day on Monday and then training was light at the end of the week because of the Devilman tri.  I had to skip a workout because I was in a car accident ... I am fine thank goodness and my car is repairable.  I was actually en route to do a little shake out run and then to get the kids.  Thankfully they were not with me in the car when the accident happened.  Also thankfully my bike was not on the back of the car, as the bike rack is destroyed and the bike would have been destroyed too if it were on the rack.

The big issue this week was the rain.  Whoa my goodness.  Wednesday was my long run and it was also an incredibly rainy day.  I lucked out and ran super early when it was just drizzling and got in most of the run in decent conditions.  But by the end, the rain picked up and I was a soggy mess.

Week 24:  8:35 hours

Swam: 2:33:17 (6,990 yards)
Biked:  3:18:29 hours (no clue about mileage)
Ran: 2:37:05 hours (17.1 miles)


Monday: rest day!
Tuesday: easy endurance bike
Wednesday: long run
Thursday: long swim
Friday: Tempo/Endurance bike & shake out run (run did not happen)
Saturday: Easy 20 minute bike & easy open water swim.
Sunday: RACE RACE RACE! Devilman Half-Lite.

Here's the thing about rest days: I love and hate them.  Love because it is so nice to do nothing.  Hate because it breaks the momentum, I feel a little guilty, and I find it hard to gear up for the workout the day after one.  But that said, I am a fan of the rest day.

Tuesday was an easy endurance bike - just 50 minutes at endurance pace.  Nice.

Wednesday was my long run.  It was 8 miles in the rain.  It was not romantic and it was not really fun.  I wore my favorite running rain jacket and it worked great.  I kept telling myself that it could rain this hard in Lake Placid (though it would not have been as cold) and that I should embrace the training opportunity.  It worked.  I had a killer* shuffle on my iPod and that helped too.  (*note "killer" is subjective as most people would actually want to kill someone or something due to the songs).

Thursday was a long swim and I did it in the outdoor 50 meter pool at the local Y, which just reopened for the season.  It's heated, but still a bit brisk when you first get in. Amy and I went to the pool together, which was fun.  It started raining on the swim, which was also a first.  When I got out of the pool, there was a gorgeous, vibrant rainbow.  I wish I'd brought my phone with me, but alas.

Friday was a tempo/endurance bike on the trainer.  And in the afternoon I was supposed to have that 3 mile shake out run, but that plan was derailed by my accident.  I'm thankful I am ok and thankful that I was able to race on Sunday.  My sister, a massage therapist, was clutch: she gave me a great shoulder/neck massage the day before the race.

Saturday I had an easy 20 minute spin on the trainer in the morning.  Afternoon I went to the race site and was able to swim for 15 minutes in the open water -- the lake where the race was held.  It was my first time in the open water since September and even in that dark, cold, murky water, I was so happy to be back swimming outside.  No black line, no walls, just a big ol' lake ... err ... pond.  Big ol' pond.

Sunday was the race!  I recapped it here.  This picture, and my face, recaps how that experience was:

This week things are picking up again, but I have a rest day on Mother's Day, which is nice.  I will probably do a quick 1000 yards in the 50 meter pool in the morning as a little treat to myself.

See you swoon,

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