Tri-Shorts - a bunch of reviews

I had hoped to be able to share a big ol' playroom reveal today.  But, alas, I cannot.  Because I am not done.  Because I have not yet painted the furniture.  Or done anything at all since my last post about the playroom.  Because triathlon training is taking over my life.  And when I have a free moment, honestly, I want to sit on the couch, watch questionable television and eat snacks and drink beer.  I will get around to painting the furniture.  Just not today.   I should add that I am having some computer/internet issues lately and am working on fixing them.  In the event I cannot do so, my next week's posts may be a bit delayed. Cross your fingers that's not the case!  Eek. 

Anyway. Back to today's post. Instead of a house post, I will review a bunch of tri shorts.  They are:  (1) DeSoto Femme Carerra; (2) SOAS; and (3) Coeur Little Black Tri Short.  

I've found the search for the perfect triathlon short to be a search for the holy grail.  Maybe I am too picky, but I don't think so.  I need something that is comfortable for a 112 mile bike ride, that will get me through the swim and that will feel super comfortable on the run.  So a few months ago, I dropped about $300 on 9 different pairs of tri shorts.  And I returned 8 of them.  The one that made the cut was the DeSoto.

1.  DeSoto Femme Carerra Triathlon Short

I loved the feel of these shorts when I put them on.  They seemed padded enough and I liked where they hit on my leg.  I also loved the waistband, which is a stretchy yoga-pant type waist.  They were true to size: I wore a size Small.  However, when I got on the bike, all hope was lost.  After about 5 minutes, the padding was clearly not enough and the shorts were riding up my legs.  It was a very uncomfortable bike ride.  I've since tried them out twice again and have vowed to never do it again.  They just don't work for me.  At all.  Here they are.  

2.  SOAS Tri Short

I've had these shorts since the Fall and I really love them.  They're the Nantucket Navy style and I have the matching tri top.  They are super comfortable, the padding and chamois are just right, they hit my leg in the exact perfect spot, and the waistband is comfortable.  They are true to size: I am a size small and they fit just great.  Plus, they have pockets in the back and are super cute.  The only drawback: they are lined in white.  I don't understand why SOAS did this!  They are otherwise perfect little shorts!  And granted the fabric is dark, but the white lining brings a host of problems for me.  I may still wear these for shorter races, but I'm not sure they will work for a long race.  The top, on the other hand, is a winner.  I will absolutely wear this top at IMLP.  

3.  Coeur Little Black Tri Shorts

Ding ding ding! Jackpot.  I am in love with Coeur's Little Black Tri Shorts.  While I like the look of the SOAS shorts a little better, these black shorts by Coeur are the absolute winner.  They're very similar in terms of fit and feel: the chamois and padding are perfect.  The waistband is nice and comfortable and hits at a very good spot.  There are back pockets for storage.  I wish they cut a little higher on the thigh, but that's OK.  They are black lined in black!  The sizing is a little nuts - I'm a size medium.  I emailed Coeur about this and they acknowledge that the sizing is off and that the shorts right now run small but that they were adjusting their line so the sizes were more accurate.  Here they are on me:

I'm wearing a polka-dot tri top by SOAS in these pictures, but I like my Nantucket Navy one better, even though the polka-dot one matches a little better.   

So there you go - three reviews.  It's so hard to find a comfortable, stylish tri kit.  Overall, I've found SOAS and Coeur offer the best options.  I just wish their range of sizes was a bit more expansive than it is now so that all women, of all shapes and sizes, could wear them. 

Have a terrific weekend!  Mine will be spent in NJ with Sunday at Devilman, my first tri of the season! It's a "Half Lite" distance: .8 mile swim, 41 mile bike, 8.8 mile run.  I'll be sure to let you know how it went. 

See you swoon,

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