What I Wore {post 41}

Happy Wednesday!  Bam - here are some outfits.

* Chambray Shirt, Navy Pencil Skirt, Brown Leather Boots & Belt, Scarf *

This picture is a little blurry. I know I need to stop using my phone but it's so easy.  I have this scarf and really love it - it is years old and it's made up of scraps of all different types of scarves.  It was a gift from Anthropologie.  I wore it with a pretty blank slate of an outfit: chambray shirt with navy pencil skirt (the bottom to a suit), and brown belts and riding boots.  I like it. 

* Pale Pink Sweater & Blue and White Skirt *

I bought this skirt at Target last Spring and love it.  Love love love. It's a very Spring/Summer print, so I'm thrilled to be able to bring it back into rotation.  I tried something new with it: a pale pink sweater.  I wore with my taupe patent heels.  

* Anthropologie Watercolor Dress *

I wore this old (circa 2004) dress to a wedding recently.  It's comfortable and easy to wear and, I think, has stood the test of time pretty well.  I love the print.  I wore it with my fun bubble necklace from Banana Republic outlet and my Jimmy Choo gold heels from Neiman Marcus (not anything resembling an outlet).  I wore my hair half up/half down with a little curl that fell out after about 5 seconds.  

Funny story with the dress.  During dinner, the waiter slipped and dropped a piece of lettuce on me and a tiny bit of salad dressing got on my silk dress. I was like dude.  Bill was kind enough to grab me a club soda and I tried my best to get the stain out.  Later after dinner and with cake, I got decaf and promptly spilled a huge amount all over my dress.  HA.  It dried quickly and the stain did not show at all thanks to the color and print of the dress.  But that is so my luck. 

Enjoy the rest of your day! 

See you swoon,

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