Progress on the 2014 Home Resolutions

Hello!  And Happy Friday! And Happy St. Paddies Day Weekend. You can bet this girl will be celebrating with a pint or two.  Which is to say, I will be doing what I normally do every single night.

So the new year is not so new anymore.  I've been making really good progress on my new years resolutions for my place.  I share them every year in an attempt to force myself, and make myself accountable, to get the projects done.  Back in December, I posted my 2014 Home Resolutions.  Here's where things stand a few months into 2014.  

1. Blue bathroom - amount completed: 200%!

This was a total snowball/domino effect, which is often the case with my projects.  The only thing I had on my list for this was to take out the broken shower doors and replace them with a curtain. I did this and it looked great.  

So there's the 100%.  The other 100% accounts for the extra mile that I took with this room.  As I completed the project I realized that my current approach to the room was all wrong [note: I hate to admit when I am wrong.  But I was wrong. There. I said it.].  By selecting a lot of green and blue accessories in the room, I was highlighting the dated blue fixtures that I did not like and could not change.  So I did a little overhaul by taking everything out and bringing in a lot of white and pops of all different colors.  The change was truly dramatic.  We are talking Bachelor finale dramatic.  Take a look at the room now.  Here's the post about everything.  

2. Master bedroom - amount completed: 90%

My plan for my room was to finish it up: hang pictures, hang the mirror, and make it feel like a more finished space.  I accomplished all of these things.  All that is left is to refinish my jewelry box and to hang something over the television.

3. Playroom - amount completed: 40%

This room needed a total overhaul in every sense.  I needed to go through all of the kids' toys and donate the stuff they no longer play with; organize the toys they do play with; add and assemble two more tall bookshelves for storage; make the little TV area into a more functional TV watching/Wii playing area; add more curtains (already purchased); set up the DVD player and cable; and hang stuff on the walls.  I didn't take an "official" before picture because I was too embarrassed.  But this one pretty much shows the chaos.

I edited down the toys, loosely organized them into areas around the space and built some bookshelves for storage.

I moved things around in the TV area and hung more curtains at the window.  I also set up the TV, DVD player and Wii so we have a functional TV/den area.

That is all so far.  What is left:
  • buy more storage (bins, baskets) for the toys
  • organize said storage with labels so the kids know where things are
  • bring in and paint furniture in the TV area and a new rug
  • hang shelf over TV
  • hang pictures all around the space
  • play with furniture placement in the TV area
  • buy a new play table for Little - hers is too small
So, progress made, but still a lot more to do.  Finishing up this space is priority #1.  And top o' the list? Painting furniture.  

4. Laundry closet - amount completed:  80%

This space looks great!  I posted about what I've done to get it in shape.  All that's left is paint the walls  (or do some kind of renter-friendly wall treatment) and maybe hang some art.  

5. Basement Storage Room - amount completed: 3%

Ha - how's that for a random percentage?  Truth be told, I have not done much in here.  I took out some trash and moved in the painted coffee table (which I *love* but doesn't fit in any of my spaces in this house) from the playroom to here, which I will use for a little storage.  That's it.  I'd really like to do this room while the weather is so cold.  I need to pick up one more of the inexpensive plastic storage units from Home Depot but otherwise just need some time to do this space.  I really have to do it - it drives me batty that my tools and supplies are not organized in any way.

6. Little's room and closet - amount completed: 100%

Done! D-O-N-E done.  Well ... as done as any of my spaces ever are.  Here's the post where I revealed most of the work I did in Little's room.  When I posted that, I still had to finish up her closet - I needed to bring in two bins/baskets for the shelf (for storing clothes and her humidifier), which I did.  I found them at Christmas Tree Shops for $6.99 each.

I also needed to some hooks for the weird little space behind the one door in her closet.  I did and found them at Target.  This cute set of birdie hooks was on clearance for $8.

I hated the finish but knew we could paint them.  Little suggested white (be still my heart), but I thought pink was better because the wall was white.  She approved.  A few coats of Ballet Slipper spray paint did the trick.  We hung her purses on the hooks.  There was only enough room for two hooks but I have plans for the third one.

7. Stairwell  - amount completed: 20%

My plan for the stairwell in my home (which is huge and spans three floors) was to add a sort of art gallery filled with art, kids' art and family photos all the way up the stairs.  I have been slowly purchasing frames and art for this project. I bought a 10 frame set of white frames from Pottery Barn, bought a bunch of frames on trips to Target, Ikea and Home Goods.  I've been amassing my art and kids' art.  I need to order a bunch of photos, but I am going to wait to do that until the frames are in place so I know which sizes to order.  I'd really like to get this project underway.  It will make a dramatic improvement in my home.  Completing this project is priority #2, only second behind the playroom.  

8. Half Bath  - amount completed: 10%

I have some work to do in the half bath.  So far, I just painted the little stool/table and brought it back into the space.  I bought a tall vase to hide the air freshener and a small cute fake succulent plant (both from Target).

Lots left to do here.  I want to frame out the mirror (and do so in a temporary, removable way since I am renting), add more accessories to the sink area, add a shelf or two above the toilet and buy a new trashcan.  This is all easy stuff and I can do it in a couple of hours. <-- famous last words lol

9.  Dining Room  - amount completed: 60%

The dining room is looking good!  I have done a bunch of little tweaks:  I replaced the prints in the oversized frames and added some candle sconces on each side of them.  I still have to paint the dining room table and maybe hang something else on that long wall on the outer sides of the candle sconces.  Maybe.  I can't tell if it needs it.  I don't want to overwhelm the space with Stuff! On! Every! Wall! but I also can't tell if it seems too empty.  Time will tell.

10. Painting Projects  - amount completed: 70%

On my list of furniture to paint was: Big's Rast nightstand (done), Little's and my mirrors (done), little bathroom stool and kitchen stool (done), dining room table (not done) and my jewelry box (not done).  I am pleased with this progress.  I'll do the jewelry box next because it's smaller and I want to see how I like the chalk paint before I commit to using it on my dining room table. And because the dark wood is killing me.  I mean it.  It is.

11. Paint the House  - amount completed: 0.00%

Yup.  And it's gonna stay that way for a little while unless a beautiful fairy with rainbow wings rides in on her glittery unicorn with a golden horn and rainbow tail and magically creates an extra week of time wherein I can only paint and do nothing else.  But who am I kidding - if I had a magical week of time, I would use it to train and to watch Sex and the City reruns while knocking back a few beers and some small delicious treats.

As for priorities, because of course my to do lists have priorities, here they are:

#1:  playroom
#2:  stairwell art gallery
#3:  master bedroom: finish it up by painting jewelry box & hanging something over TV
#4:  basement storage room
#5:  half bath
#6:  laundry room wall treatment/paint
#7:  dining room: paint table and finish accessorizing
#8:  paint the house

See you swoon,

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