2014 Home Resolutions

Happy happy merry merry cough cough sigh. :(

I have been totally MIA from the blog for awhile and with good reason.  Work is off.the.hook.crazy. As in I have never, in the history of my career, had a confluence of deadlines and stress and personal heath issues like I do this year - even to the point where it prevents me from returning or reading emails from my friends and family.  Without going into specifics (um, more than I just did), I've been struggling with getting everything done that needs to be done and battling a cracked back tooth (root canal soon - woo.hoo.) and over this past weekend, the freaking flu, which laid me out with a fever, severe chest congestion and just overall ick for days.  I am on the mend, but can't help but be a little resentful and upset at all the time I lost with my kids (or that I could/should have been working) because I was sick.  Not to mention all the time off from training.  Bah.  It's not been very merry around here.  

All this to say: that's why I have been away from the blog.  I think that once January arrives things will lighten up a bit and I'll be able to turn back to projects.  And just like I share every year, here is the list of resolutions and projects around my home that I'd like to tackle in 2014.

1.  Blue Bathroom

This one is first on the list because it involves safety: I need to tear out the shower doors in the kids' blue bathroom and replace them with a rod and curtain. The track on the bottom of the doors is gone, so the doors just swing out when you pull them.  This was more of an annoyance when the kids were taking baths, but now that they are big kids (sniffle sniffle) and taking showers, it's a big time safety concern for me.  I've done this before in my first house and it's super easy. I just need a few hours for the job.  I'm also excited that the addition of a white curtain will tone down the blue in the bathroom, if only a little bit.

outta here. hasta la vista.

2.  Master Bedroom

I have a handful of little projects that I'd like to finish in my bedroom.  I want to silver leaf my jewelry box, paint and hang a mirror, hang more pictures, and style the tops of my nightstands and dresser.  This will take hardly any time.  I just need to do it.

3.  Playroom

This area needs the most work.  I need to make the TV area more of a, well, little TV area by bringing in some more furniture and accessories.  I also need to hook up the cable box and DVD player so I can watch TV and DVDs when I bike on the trainer this Winter.  I have to put up bookshelves and bring in some storage furniture for the kids' toys.  I also need to hang art and probably go through the kids' toys after the holidays and cull through and donate the stuff that they no longer play with.    This is an old picture of the TV area.  I've since added a small navy sofa.

4.  Laundry Closet

I'm very excited to tackle this space.  I'm going to paint it with the Sherwin Williams Rainwashed color I have on hand and just make it more organized and pretty on the eyes.  It will probably take an afternoon, but I think it will end up looking great.  I'll have to buy some storage pieces (baskets probably) and painting the space without moving the machines will require gymnast-like abilities, but I am up for the challenge.

5.  Basement Storage Room

Oh boy.  I have a nice size storage room on the lower level of my home.  It has the furnace and hot water heater and a ton of space for storing things.  I'm making it into a storage area/work area but first I need to organize it.  I need to do the playroom before I do this though because I am waiting to transfer some of the playroom furniture into this space.  It's like a house of cards.  Or dominoes.  This picture is embarrassing.

6.  Little's Room & Closet

I need to paint Little's mirror and the backs of her bookshelves, just to tie in some lavender.  I have a slew of painting projects to do, so I will do the mirror when I do them.  Little's closet is pretty much organized.  I just need two bins for the top and a nice rack of hooks for the wall.  And maybe a little plastic chest for extra storage.

7.  Stairwell

I want to add artwork to the stairwell. I have a ton of art that I've been collecting, and frames too, for this purpose.  I still need more though. That stairwell is huge.  I'm thinking of a gallery wall all the way up the steps.  

8.  Half Bath

The half bath is in great shape, but I want to tweak it a little.  I'd like to add molding (which I have on hand) around the builder grade mirror.  And maybe add shelves over the toilet for a little open storage.  I have a small stool in the room now too, which I need to paint as well.  

9.  Dining Room

The dining room needs a little boost as well. I bought some really cool candle holders last Black Friday at Crate and Barrel (as in 2012) to flank my two oversized frames in that space. I need to hang them.  I'm also interested in bringing in a tall mirror for one of the big empty spaces on that long back wall.  I have to decide whether to DIY or just buy off the shelf.  Finally, I need to paint the dining room table.  I hate the current finish (and it is in bad shape), so I would like to do something to make it a little nicer.  I'm going to wait until the weather warms so I can open the house when I paint.  I'm toying with either a chalk paint or a sort of two-tone wood/white treatment.

10.  Painting Projects

I have sooooo much furniture to paint. I don't know what my problem is because I usually love to paint furniture, but I have been procrastinating like no one's business on these pieces.  I have to paint: the small IKEA Rast chest for Big's nightstand, the IKEA two step-stool in the kitchen, two mirrors (one for me and one for Little), and a few small tables.  I just need to bring them down to the playroom and start priming.

11.  Paint the House

This one is last for a reason.  I really *want* to paint my place because I think I have bemoaned the fact that the color is horrible and cold and just plain bad pretty much since I got here.  A warm white would look amazing in this space and frankly, the place absolutely needs a fresh coat of paint (and needed it when I moved in, even though I asked the landlord to repaint b/c it looked a little rough).  My hesitation is the time it will take to do it and whether it will be worth it in the end.  I'm probably going to end up moving back to where my kids are in school (rather than buy the place here), so I need to be mindful of that.  Still ... this one is on my mind.  

And there you go.  My big ol' list of to dos for 2014.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!  

See you swoon,

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