IMLP Training Recap: Week 16

Monday Monday ... so good to me.   How about we start our new week with a little Mamas & the Papas?  This song will be added to my next magnificent running playlist.  And I bet you'll be singing it for a while today.  Not sorry!

So week 16 was ok.  There was a mix of rest (!!!!), great workouts and pretty crappy workouts.  Everything is getting longer in duration, which I suppose is the point.

This past week was also a rough ride for me work-wise.  I was extremely busy with a hard deadline and a mountain of information and documents to organize, analyze and tie up in a neat little accurate precise bow.  I managed to get my workouts in and they truly were what kept me sane.  Even if it meant waking up at the rather insane hour of 4 am to get them in.  This is why I go mental when people ask how I "find the time" to do my training.  I don't find it.  I would never find it.  I make it, and sometimes it's really hard to make it.

Week 16:

Swam: 0:58 hours (2,800 yards)
Biked:  3:50 hours (all on trainer)
Ran:  2:49 hours (18.95 miles)


Monday - Rest Day!  Rest Day!  Rest Day! <-- rest day
Tuesday - bike: 20 minute Time Trial (take two)
Wednesday - long swim
Thursday - long run
Friday - bike with intervals and "shake out" run
Saturday - easy run
Sunday - long bike

So you saw Monday right? You saw that I got an official rest day?  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I enjoyed every second of it.

Tuesday was my second time trial with the power meter.  I mentioned in my Week 15 recap that while I did the time trial that week, I had to do it again in Week 16.  Here's what happened: I somehow miscalibrated the power meter in my first time trial, which made all the data (all the hard-earned data) not show up accurately on my watch.  So when I finished the workout and uploaded it, I noticed my average power was 7 watts.  I don't know much about power or watts, but 7 seemed kind of low.  Like crazy low.  Sure enough - it was wrong.  So my coach had me do the time trial again in Week 16 so I could set my power thresholds for training.  It was really hard - I pushed myself harder than I did the week before and made a lot of very loud grunts and groans.  But it worked! Power thresholds are set and the time trial is behind me.

Wednesday's swim was very long: 2,800 yards long.  I mentioned in last week's recap that my long swim that week was 4x400, and that it wasn't that bad, which I told my coach.  My workout this week was a 400 yard warm up and then 6x400.  Ba boom.  But I did it and afterwards felt like a swimming rock star.  And also very hungry.  It is a cruel joke that I am hungriest after my swims and burn the least amount of calories doing them.

Thursday was my long run, and it was 30 minutes at endurance pace, 30 at tempo and 10 at endurance. It ended up being just shy of 8 miles. It was so nice to be outside.  Even if it was really cold.

Friday wasn't bad (55 minute bike and 2 mile run). Saturday wasn't bad (50 minute run).

Sunday was kinda bad.  It was a 1:55 bike: 30 minutes endurance, 30 tempo, 10 endurance, 30 tempo, 15 endurance.  I struggled to hit and maintain my numbers.  I ultimately did it, but wow what a battle.   See this sweaty beast?

Big took that picture.  This was about an hour and a half in and he stopped in his tracks and said, "Mom -- your back.  It's ... completely soaked."  Soaked with sweat.  Yeah.  I look so happy and yay bikes are fun! in that picture.  He then took this close-up, which honestly captures how I felt the entire workout:

Add to that, I tried out a new pair of tri shorts and while they felt amazing in the beginning, they did not work for me - at all- as I got into the workout.  It's a shame because I love aspects of these shorts, but I cannot wear them.  I'll do a review of some tri shorts soon.  I am still searching for the holy grail of tri shorts.

It looks like we are getting more distance added to our runs in future workouts, which I think means our coach is prepping us for the half marathon at the end of March.  Amy, Bill and I are also planning a trip next month up to Lake Placid.  We're going for an intense training camp in June (run by our coach), but we really wanted to do at least one more trip up there to bike the course. So that will be fun.  Training is fun.

Have a delightful week, everyone!

See you swoon,

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