IMLP Training Recap: Week 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Week 17 (how perfect - the week 17 recap on the 17th) was good workout-wise.  I notice the distances are increasing, which is fine by me.  I was also kind of glad to see a brick back on my schedule after not having one for a few weeks.  I have easily done more bricks in these first 17 weeks of training than I ever did in the prior two years' worth of triathlon training combined.

Even though I am not mentioning them here in my recaps, I am doing a lot of strengthening and rolling exercises that my physical therapist gave me.  Back in the late Summer/early Fall, I was having some weird knee pain, which was really upsetting.  I saw a PT who said my hamstrings were really tight, which was affecting the knee.  So I went through a course of weekly sessions with her over a few months and it really helped.  In order to keep injury at bay, I am doing my at-home exercises regularly.  My coach schedules them in my training plan each week, too.  Oh and it does not hurt to have a sister who is a massage therapist!  She helped in the Fall and has offered to help whenever I need it for IM training.

Enough babble, here are the weekly stats:

Week 17:

Swam: 1:42 hours (4,850 yards)
Biked:  3:39 hours (all on trainer, but my watch says 52.05 miles)
Ran:  2:56 hours (19.94 miles)


Monday - swim
Tuesday - bike with LT and "shake out" run
Wednesday - long swim with speed
Thursday - easy run
Friday - easy brick
Saturday - long run
Sunday - long bike with VO2 Max pick-ups

My Monday swim is one I've done a million times: a mix of easy long (i.e., 400 yard) intervals and a handful of shorter (100 yard) fast intervals.   There was nothing remarkable about this swim: it wasn't amazing and it wasn't awful.  It was ok.

Tuesday's workout was great.  I needed a hard bike that morning and I got it.  LT is "lactic threshold", which basically means a very hard effort where you're sweating a lot and your heart rate is very elevated.  This particular workout was 20 minutes at endurance (easy) pace followed by three 10-minute intervals at LT pace.  After the bike I had a 2 mile "shake out" run.

Wednesday's swim had me scared.  It was a 200 yard warm-up followed by five 500-yard intervals.  But, it was great.  My coach broke up the 500 yards by having me do 200 easy/50 hard/200 easy/50 hard.  It totally broke up those 500 yards and made it pretty fun!  I always sing to myself when I do these long intervals, and in this workout I changed up the songs with each 500.  I am counting down the days until I can swim outside again in Marsh Creek.

Thursday was an easy 50 minute run.  I was supposed to have my 85 minute long run on this day (and this 50 minute number on Saturday), but given my work and kid schedule, I asked my coach if I could swap the two and do my long run on Saturday.  He did so, but told me he didn't want me to get in the habit of having a long run and long bike back to back like they were this week.  It was super cold on Thursday morning, so I opted to do the run on the treadmill.  After running weeks at a time for 75 minutes on the treadmill, a 50 minute run felt like nothing.

Friday was an "easy brick" of 40 minutes endurance pace on the bike and 20 minute endurance pace on the run.  This was, well, easy.  I love endurance pace on the bike because I can catch up on my email and texts.  For the run, I hit a wooded trail near my house, which is finally not snow covered.  The trail is just over 2 miles from start to finish, so it was perfect for this workout.

Saturday.  I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to my long run, which was 10 miles (87 minutes) -- the longest run I've done since the Philly Marathon.  I'm always happy when I'm running (unless it is a long run on the treadmill) but my long runs outside are my favorite.  I took this one to the Schuylkill River Trail, which is where I spend a lot of time training in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I love it because it's pretty, it's safe, it's flat, it's always got other people on it, it's closed to traffic so I don't have to worry about cars (but I do have to worry about bikes!), and it's loooong (it goes from Phoenixville all the way to Manayunk).  After the past few weeks, I really needed to bang out some long miles, so this was a little gift.

It was a little chilly in the morning, so I wore my new SOAS arm warmers and a short sleeved shirt.  These arm warmers are great - they have a little slit for your thumb and a hidden mitten that can fold over your hands if it's cold. I wore the mitten for the first two miles and then warmed up. 

Sunday's bike was fine.  It was 11 intervals of 9 minute endurance pace + 1 minute of VO2 Max pace with a 10 minute endurance cool-down.  VO2 Max is essentially all out balls to the wall effort -- it's intense and is supposed to fully tax your aerobic energy system.  It really did.   It was a super long ride at 2 hours.  But it flew by because when I bike at endurance pace I can email and text and read, which is exactly what I did.  

See you swoon,

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  1. Love the Schuylkill River Trail! That was my wife and I's first date. We rollerbladed from Betzwood Park to Manayunk and back(~30 miles?) in 100+ degree temps. Good times!

    Keep up the good work...Only 19 more weeks to go! :)