What I Wore {post 38}

Hello and happy weekend and happy end of March!  I am so.ready.for.Spring.  Beyond ready.  I have a half marathon on tap this weekend.  I'm excited about it, even if I don't feel totally ready.  I'm not worried about my fitness at all (hello: see prior 19 weeks of IMLP training posts), but this is the first time I've done a half marathon without a concentrated, running-specific training leading up to it.  It should be a fun morning.  

Here are a handful of recent outfits.  

* St. Patrick's Day! Green Top & Jeans *

This was a casual St. Paddie's Day outfit that I wore out with friends the weekend before the holiday.  This is the shirt I scored at Banana Republic outlet for something crazy like $5.  Despite my sour expression in this picture, I really was happy to go out for the evening.  

* Banana Republic Red Wrap Dress *

I really, really, really believe that a wrap dress is essential to a wardrobe.  I have several and I wear them often.  This one is from two years ago at Banana Republic.  I love the way it fits and the way it feels.  My face is a little red here because I had a 8.5 mile run that morning.  I wore my nude patent heels with the dress and kept accessories super simple.  

* Black Dress, Black Cardigan, Gold Belt *

I liked this outfit, even if I look a little ninja-like.  I wore my black sheath knit dress (from Banana Republic outlet) with a Forever 21 fitted cardigan, and black hose and heels.  My favorite part was the addition of my skinny gold belt, which I bought years ago (I think 4 years) and have never once worn until this day (which was Monday of this week).  It just worked and I loved the little pop of gold.  I wish I'd taken a picture without the cardigan.  

Three more outfits.  Yay.  I like posting these because it does force me to think of ways to use my existing pieces so that I can show them off on the blog.  

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back on Monday with IMLP training recap and, later in the week, a race recap of the inaugural Philadelphia Love Run half marathon.   The hill of death from the Philly marathon is featured in this race ... gulp.  

See you swoon,

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