IMLP Training Recap: Week 19

Hello Monday.  Hello last day of March.  Come on Spring.  Please. Now.  Thanks.

Week 19 was a bit of a down week with the focus on the Love Run half marathon on Sunday (yesterday).  I'll do a race recap of that separately and later this week.  But I could see my coach eased up on the workouts this week in anticipation of race day.

Amy, Bill and I had a call with our coach this week to go over the plan for the next few months. Obviously we knew that we would be swim-bike-running in increasing amounts, but we wanted to get a handle on what we could really expect.  Our coach told us that these first 19 weeks of training have included a lot of really hard/high intensity workouts and that we would be shifting to longer workouts instead and maybe have just one high intensity workout per week.  The focus going forward would be a weekly(ish) long run during the week (which would max out at 3 hours) and a weekly(ish) long ride on the weekend that would range from 3 hours to a peak of 7 hours.  Yes.  Seven hours.  <-- wow.  We also talked about our plans to head up to Placid in a few weeks with our kids while they're on Spring Break and do a few days of training there.  One thing I was glad to hear was our coach prefers our weekday bike rides still be on the trainer.  It's just much easier to do them inside, vs. bang out a 2 hour bike ride on a Tuesday morning.

Onto the stats.

Week 19:

Swam: 1:48 hours (4,950 yards)
Biked:  2:26 hours (all on trainer - watch says 34.28 miles )
Ran:  2:38 hours (18.77 miles)


Monday - swim
Tuesday - bike with speedwork followed by two mile "shake out run"
Wednesday - swim: distance with speed
Thursday - easy endurance bike
Friday - easy endurance brick
Saturday - 10 minute run <-- not a typo. that says 10 minutes
Sunday - RACE! Half Marathon

See - it was a very light load.  My swims were pretty good this week.  They felt good but I noticed I was a little slower than usual in the water.  I'm not getting hung up on that though.  

Tuesday's bike + run was good.  Those bikes that incorporate speedwork are really tough but when they are done I feel great.  The two mile "shake out" run after the challenging bike also felt really good.  Doing all of these bricks and shake out runs is making my running stronger and making me feel really good off the bike.  

Thursday and Friday's endurance workouts were also pretty easy - really not much I can say about those.  50 minutes on the bike, then an hour brick (40 endurance pace bike/20 endurance pace run).

Saturday's 10 minute run was obviously a light warm-up for Sunday's race, which was the focus of the week.

Sunday.  For those of you who live on the East Coast, you know that Sunday we had a lot of rain.  It didn't let up on race day, so for the first time in my now-20 years of running, I raced in the rain.  Not just light drizzle, but full on, soak to the skin, rain.  It was bound to happen at some point and I'm glad it is behind me!  Despite the rain, I pounded out a PR on the course!  Stay tuned for that post on Wednesday.  Here I am before leaving for the race in my hat.  I *hate* my hat, but on a day like today it was necessary.  I think my expression says it all.

Rest day today!  And a well-earned one at that.  

See you swoon,

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