Painted in a Weekend: two little stools

These are the last of the furniture paint projects that I recently did along with the mirrors and the RAST chest.  I had a pretty big backlog of furniture waiting to be painted, which was holding up a bunch of other projects on my list, too.  This would not stand, so I finally got to it.  I painted two stools: one for the kitchen and one for the half-bathroom.  

* Kitchen Stool *

I bought this two-step stool at IKEA back when I moved into my place.  It's been unfinished since then.  You can see it in this old picture from my kitchen.  oh ... those wood cabinets torture me.  sigh.

I have gone back and forth for awhile over what color to paint it: yellow? grey? white? white and grey? white and dark stain? white and a pickled finish? turquoise? teal? baby blue? And I finally settled on a color. You'll never guess it.  It's ... white.  Shocker!  What can I say? I am nothing but consistent.  In my defense, Little was with me when it was time to make the decision on paint color and I was between grey or white.  She looked at me and said, "Mommy - white.  It would look so much bettah white."  Done!  And you know my heart skipped approximately one million beats when my daughter whole-heartedly supported painting something white.

Painting was simple.  I primed it with a coat of oil based primer and then topped it off with three coats of Sherwin Williams Dover White.  I followed that up with a couple thin coats of Polycrilic to seal the finish.  And here it is!

* Bathroom Stool *

I found this metal stool at Home Goods in the Fall.  I needed a little table in the bathroom in the corner next to the toilet, and this was the perfect size.  The red and weird fake rusted finish was not doing it for me, but I liked the size and shape, so I picked it up with plans to paint it.  I could totally see the potential.  Brace yourself for this bad boy:

I did a two-tone treatment on it.  First, I primed the whole thing with my oil based primer.  Then I went with Martha Stewart's craft paint in Champagne (the same color I used on my paper Christmas tree star) on the legs. I love the soft, brushed gold color and think it looks good.  The kids helped with this step, which they loved.  Then I painted the top a glossy white - I used my Dover White for the top coats.  A quick swipe of Polycrilic finished it off.

This is the first step of what I'd like to do in the half bathroom: next up is add shelves over the toilet and add some moulding around the mirror to make it look more finished. Stay tuned for the full transformation!

What about you? Painted anything lately?

See you swoon,

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