What I Wore {part viii}

Hi! Happy May!  I'm sorry I've been a little MIA lately.  Two weeks ago, I was in Disney World with my kids.  It was, pardon the cliche, a magical trip.  So I have been digging out of post-vacation stuff and also dealing with a lot of things to do at work! And, I have been training quite a bit for the triathlons I have this Summer.  All good things, of course, but it has made blogging tough.  I'll get back on track soon, and I swear, I will do some home projects.  

In any event, back to what I wore!  I was looking back through my old "what I wore" posts and realized I mostly post skirts and dresses.  So I'll try to add more pants outfits.  I really do wear them.

* Jade Buttondown & Grey Pants *

Here's a pants outfit.  The pants are from the Ann Taylor outlet - I love them.  I also love these taupe patent heels (also from the Ann Taylor outlet) because they are like chameleons: they look grey with grey and tan with tan.  I found the fitted short sleeve buttondown blouse at New York & Co.  I have several from New York & Co. because they fit me like a dream!  I loved the color of this one.  I thought the outfit needed a little something, so I wore a patent greenish blue skinny belt that I found at the Banana Republic outlet.  It doesn't match the jade shirt perfectly, but looks good nonetheless.  I wore a delicate gold necklace and fun clover drop earrings. 

* Chambray Shirt & Printed Skirt *

This is a bit of a departure from what I normally wear, but it was fun.  I got the skirt last Summer on clearance at Anthropologie.  It's so comfortable and fun - perfect for Summer!  I think it was $19.  The chambray shirt is from Old Navy.  I bought it last Summer to go with my Nantucket Red skirt. This is a decidedly casual outfit, so I wore it with my sweet yellow flats.  

* Coral Cardigan, Printed Top & Tan Pants *

Here's another pants outfit.  The pants, as are most of my pants, are from the Ann Taylor outlet.  The cardigan and printed top are both from Old Navy from a number of years ago.  I love the floral print and the fun detail on the neckline of the cardigan.  

Have a terrific Thursday! The weekend is in sight.  Yes.  

See you swoon,

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