What I Wore {part ix}

All skirts and dresses here!

* Floral Blouse & Coral Pencil Skirt *

I wore this floral blouse (from Target) a month or so ago with a navy and white striped skirt (see it here).  I wasn't crazy about it - something was really off and as Maya pointed out in the comments, the skirt seemed a little big.  So I tried again, because I adore this blouse, and I wore it with a fitted coral pencil skirt (from j.crew outlet) and embraced the bright colors.  I think this is a winner.  

 * Grey Dress & Raspberry Belt *

If not already obvious, I really love to wear belts.  I had a charitable luncheon a few weeks ago and decided to wear this grey dress (from the Limited last year).  It looks great as is, but I thought adding the pop of raspberry at the waist jazzed it up a bit.  

 * Mini-Polka Dotted Shift Dress & Coral Wedges *

This outfit was an unintentional tribute to Tommy Hilfiger:  both the dress and the shoes are that brand. I wore this to my friend's bridal shower in late April, and am happy with the look.  The dress is from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet and the shoes are a score from TJ Maxx.   It's hard to see in the pictures, but the dress is navy with teeny tiny white polka dots.  I love the fit and am going to switch out the belt for a different look.  

There you have it!  Summer is coming and I'm feeling that "OMG I have *nothing* to wear" like I do at the beginning of every season.  I am loving the maxi dress trend, but I just don't think I can pull it off.  I always look so overwhelmed in long dresses.

What are you into for Summer 2013? I'm looking to add a few more dresses (of course), and some printed tops.  Maybe a pair of pants or two.  What about you? I'd love to hear.

See you swoon,


  1. Love the floral top with the coral skirt, cute, cute, cute!!!!!

  2. love love love. please come over and dress me. ;)