The gloves are off

Sometimes the tiniest, simplest projects make me happiest.  Like this one today.

I store my bathroom cleaning supplies upstairs in the kids' bathroom cabinet. They have a ton of storage space.  Right here.  

Nothing earth shattering here: I just keep the cleaning supplies in a handled plastic basket from Target, so it is easy to move from bathroom to bathroom.  

What I did not like about this, though, was the gloves in the basket.  I like them to hang dry.  So it was my mission to make that happen.  I've seen articles on adding grommets to the gloves, but that seemed like a lot of work.  Instead, I used a binder clip and a cup hook.  

I used my drill to make a pilot hole in the cabinet door and then screwed in the cup hook.  I clipped the gloves together with a binder clip and used the top of the clip to hang the gloves from the hook.  

Voila!  Done!  Easy!  Took one minute!  Lots and lots of exclamation points there.  Now if I could only get that excited about actually cleaning the bathrooms ...

See you swoon,

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