Yay or Nay: Gifts for Parents at the Wedding

I am going to go with a huge YES on this. Not only is a wedding one of the most important days in a bride and groom's life but it is for their parents who helped to raise them and get them to this happy occasion.

One of my favorite gift ideas to give is the parents photo album. They can be purchased in your photography package and parents love receiving them so that they can share the photos along with you. They will probably look at this album just as much as you and if you get it in a smaller size they can carry it around with them to share with everyone that was not in attendance on the big day.

Another gift idea I love is a hotel night stay in the city and you could always couple it with a gift card to a local restaurant for them to have a relaxing night on the town after the crazy days leading up to the wedding. They will not have a honeymoon like most couples so a night to unwind may be the perfect gift to step back, take a deep breath and reminisce.

Anything that shows your parents you appreciate all they have done for you is meaningful. Even though this is your big day you would never be there without them, the fact that you stopped to think about them will be a beautiful gift in itself.

So here is my question, did you extend a gift to your parents and if so what did you give? I am always up for hearing fun gift ideas!

See you swoon,

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