What Would Jamie Wear: Cozy Sweaters

So now that I am all moved in and have had a chance to go through my wardrobe multiple times throughout the move I have realized that I have the worst winter wardrobe you could ever imagine! I am not sure what I have worn in the past or if the reason I am lacking in this area is due to the closet monster taking these items (he is similar to the sock monster for those of you wondering) but regardless I need to beef up for this season.

At this point in the morning I am sitting in my husband's sweatshirt, long pants, socks and a huge blanket with my coffee trying to keep warm. The 40 degree weather outside coupled with the fact that my husband is refusing to let me turn on the heat has me shopping for warm, comfy sweaters that are not just for sitting around the house but that are classic styles so I can wear them for a few years to come.

Here is what I plan to add to my arsenal so far, if any of you have suggestions on where we can look for sweaters this season we would love to hear! Where is yoru favorite sweater from?

Gap Cashmere Tunic (yes I know, short sleeves, but how cute with knee boots, tights and a belt!)

AE Cable Knit Wrap Cardigan

White & Warren Double Layer throw on Cardigan

Laurie B Exclusive Courtyard Shrug

Splendid Feather Wool Jersey Cardigan

See you swoon,

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