What's cookin?

I just bought a brand new stove for my kitchen, so I have been a little ... ok, a lot stove-obsessed.  I ended up with a pretty cool stainless model that, unlike my former stove, actually gasp! cooks food evenly and has full-function in all of the burners.  These practical aspects alone made me jump for joy, but I admit that I love to just look at the new shiny appliance sitting in my kitchen.  While stainless is my finish of choice, these days there is an endless array of colors and styles for stoves - we're talking way beyond the standard white, black or stainless options.  Take a peek at what colorful options are out there!  I even found a pink one ... swoon.

Are any of these lovelies calling your name?  I adore the stainless stoves, but that pink number is pretty darn cute!

See you swoon,

{images courtesy of countryliving.com, artsandcraftshomes.com, waterfordcookers.com, casasugar.com, best-kitchendesign.blogspot.com, oldfashionedgirlink.blogspot.com, jillbert.wordpress.com, housebeautiful.com}

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