Home Swoon Home: Living Room Decor

I have now been living in my new home for 5 days and my mind is swirling with ideas on how I want to paint, and decorate each room to make it feel like our home. My first project, besides lots of painting will be the front living room. The home we bought has a small addition on the back of the house that is the den where we will spend most of our time but I wanted the front living room to be just as comfy and welcoming. I am not one to have a formal living room of any kind so I have been shopping around and have brought to you some of the items I have come up with so far.

I am going to take pictures all along the way so I can bring you all into my home and make you a part of this as well! Let me know what you think of my ideas so far and if you have any to share please send your advice my way!

IKEA Ektorp Chair

EKTORP Chair beige Width: 41 3/8

Anthropologie Meandering Meadow Rug

Pottery Barn Hyde Side Table

Hyde Side Table

See you swoon,

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