What Would Jamie Wear: A Peak Into My Anthropologie Wishlist

Since I am on a What Would Jamie Wear rampage this week (I am just catching you all up since these have been scarce during the move), I though I would give you a peak into my wishlist for Anthro. I cannot begin to tell you how tempting it is to just click checkout and wait for my packages to arrive!

I hope you all enjoy! I am sure a lot of you have your own wishlists, which website keeps you coming back to add to your shopping bag?

Surging Springs Skirt

Pilcro Zip Pocker Slims

Martingale Boots

Diamante Blouse

Cordial Embrace Dress

Undercurrent Dress

Bromsgrover Blazer

Camber Dress

Next Year's Lily Top

See you swoon,

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