Yay or Nay: Wedding Program?

If you have been to a wedding or two, chances are you have been handed a program before a ceremony.  Typically, wedding programs will give guests a play by play of the ceremony, including the order of the ceremony, a description of the different rites or traditions and the names and roles of the wedding party.  Some programs are simple one sheet papers, while others are multi-page booklets with information to spare.

Some couples forego the program entirely, especially if they are having a very short ceremony.  Others would never dream of it.   In my view, programs are wonderful but are not always necessary.  In most ceremonies, I would provide something for guests so that they know what to expect.  As a guest, it is nice to have something to hold and read while waiting for the start of the ceremony and even during it.  However, if the ceremony is short and sweet or the guest list is small and intimate, programs are hardly a necessity.  The choice is entirely up to the bride and groom.

What are your thoughts? Wedding program: yay or nay?

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