What Would Jamie Wear: Shoes

This week is all about what I would wear, I will break each day down into sections such as shoes for today, outerwear on Wednesday (I cannot wait to share some of the things I have found for this season), bags & purses on Friday.  Hopefully I can give you some inspiration to pull together and outfit with some pieces you already own.

This is one of my favorite things to shop for, I will never, EVER admit this to my husband but I have more shoes than I really need.  Shoes are such a fun way to express yourself and make outfits that may be lacking interest really stand out.  I know it is still summer and sandals are fabulous but I have been getting a craving for boots lately so I started shopping to see what styles are coming out for the fall.  I have found my absolute favorite, they will be the first picture you see, a little on the pricey side but at least it gives me something to save for and look forward to even if I never end up getting them!


So, even though you may not be quite ready to embrace the fall season, have you started thinking about your wardrobe this year?  What are a few pieces that you must have to pull all your looks together?

See you swoon,

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