If you are anything like me, the "big things" in decorating rooms are the easiest: paint colors, furniture, linens, rugs, etc.  It's the details that throw me for a loop.  What will look good on this table? What will finish the space? When is there too much stuff?  I take a lot of inspiration from every day mail order catalogues.  I love to flip through the pages after a long day at work and tab over the designs that I like.  Many times I have used something I saw in a catalogue as a spring board for something in my own home.  If you're stumped in your own space, give it a try.  Below are my favorite catalogues for copying.

Did I miss any of your favorites? I'd love to hear which catalogue designs make you swoon.

See you swoon,

{Note: none of the above companies perked us for mentioning them today}

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  1. Love them all! Especially Ballard and West Elm :)