And the Band Did Not Play On

Oh boy ... ever hear of the song "And the Band Played On"?  It is an oldie, and the only reason I know it is because for 8th grade graduation, my class put on a "Vaudeville Show" and that was one of the songs.   Yes, very strange for a bunch of 14 year olds to sing, but then again, I guess if you knew our music teacher, it would make more sense.  My fellow Woodruff Dragons are laughing right now.

Anyway, a few years ago, I attended a wedding where the couple hired a terrific band.  The problem? The band did not have any music playing during their breaks.  The bride and groom had not made arrangements for any music to play during the breaks, so the party came to a screeching halt just when people were getting their dance on.  Not good.   A fellow guest and I even talked to the band leader to see if he had a CD laying around that he could pop in just to keep the party going.  No dice.

Personal anecdotes aside, the title of this post is pretty much the death knell of a good wedding reception.  Whether you hire a band, a DJ or decide to use an iPod for musical entertainment, you will want to make sure that every second of your reception has musical coverage.  Otherwise, you will have dead air, which will literally suck the life out of your party.

If you hire a band, ask if the band will have musical coverage during their breaks, whether through a DJ or even just a CD.  If they don't, ask if you can provide a CD so that the party keeps moving while the band takes a much deserved break.   The same advice holds true for a DJ: simply ask what the DJ will do when s/he takes a break.

If you are providing your own music via CD or iPod, please give yourself plenty of time in advance to make sure you understand how to work the device(s).  And assign someone else to monitor it: the last thing a bride or groom will want to do at the reception is work on a malfunctioning iPod.

What are some of your favorite songs to dance to at weddings? Next week I will post a bunch of tried and true faves that will always get people on the dance floor.

See you swoon,

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  1. Oh boy, am I laughing :) Love the memories!
    On another note, I love "Sweet Caroline" at weddings. At the most recent wedding reception I went to, they played "On the Way to Cape May". Cheesy, I know, but I think 90% of room came out on the dance floor for that one. It was lots of fun!